What Can Astrology do for you?

Many think the newspaper horoscopes is all there is to it. However Astrology is an ancient symbolic language which can explain the source for many
subjects that encompass the cycles of life.

An astrologer is a messenger who can interpret the qualities of any given moment and has ability to translate their meaning to a client’s understanding of their life.

Analysis of your own personal birth chart may help with your capability, qualities and how you may be prone to life’s trials, how you relate
to the world and your spiritual path or leanings in who you aspire to be.

You might like to explore a synastry of your loved ones or friends to see the dynamics of your connections. You could ask questions which may be answered by looking at times when planet alignments are creating beneficial
affects for you in a progression chart.

You may want to ask a specific question about a particular event in your life then we can explore a Horary chart and you may wish to travel or live in a far away place for which we can look at your own personal Astrocartograph.

Services offered

Natal Reading (about 60 mins)
A complete analysis of your personal chart including
past, present and future influences focusing on specific
areas of your life.

One Year Overview (about 40mins)
This is available following a natal chart and will give you an insight of how you may be influenced over the next 12 months

Solar return (about 30 mins)
Your Birthday is a good time to plan ahead

Comparison chart
This allows you to see how you may be affected by another person in your life, a loved one or friend and it can help you decide on personal or professional partnerships. Permission from the other person is required for this.

AstroCartogaphy (about 45 mins)
Looking for a place to move to or have a holiday or where is the best place for a business venture?then this will be right for you.

Horary questions (by email)
For this you just ask a specific question and it will be answered within 16 hours.

Electional (by email)
This is for any one who wants to know which dates are most favourable for an important event e,g. a wedding, opening of a business, buying a home etc…

For any of the services offered, you will need to know your date, place and time of birth. It will be helpful if you indicate whether you have a specific query that you want help with. If you don’t know your time of birth we can still look at your chart but the Astrocartograph will not be an option.

If you would like to explore your astrological path with Merlin or organise a private stella gathering then you may call, text or email him on the contact details below.